Are you an avid city gardener?  Love fresh produce?  Want to create habitat for pollinators?  Come join us this summer for a series of gardening courses at our garden located at 14th and Lake!  Classes to begin in August.  We will have a sign up at the garden and at Open Harvest with the schedule shortly!

Our Garden Goals:

  • Increase biodiversity - different plants, flowers, and root systems for micro- and macro-organisms (above and below the ground)!
  • Tend to native plants
  • Plant flowering plants
  • Keep soil covered
  • Improved soil life
  • Reduce water use
  • Increase soil organic matter
  • Reduce soil disturbance

Have a lawn that you want to convert into a garden?  We have strategies, ideas, and tools for converting your lawn to a beautiful garden with minimal soil disturbance and without the use of fossil fuels - all you need is some time and cardboard!  Use the Contact Us page for questions or to request more about our services.