Meet the farmers!

Let's grow together!  Matt and Skylar are admirers of diversity.  As city natives with experience working farm jobs, it was easy to see the conclusion of their efforts at the 14th and Lake street garden.  Diversity in our neighborhoods is a sign of resiliency and health.  Through their urban gardening efforts, they hope to invite the community to explore diverse possibilities in their own backyards!

Skylar Falter

Skylar Falter, coordinator of Buy Fresh Buy Local Nebraska, B.S. in Biological Systems Engineering, is a local food advocate and farm entrepreneur whose goal is to help build a more sustainable local food system in Lincoln. Skylar was CSA manager of the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) Student Farm where she planned and operated the farm’s first CSA program in 2014. The following year, she gained practical knowledge in the local food system as assistant farm manager at Lakehouse Farm and server at Prairie Plate Restaurant.  She is a member of the Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society and participates in the Women Food & Agriculture Network.

Matt Pirog

Matt Pirog is an advocate for nurturing community through food. In the past 5 years he has been immersed in the local foodshed of Lincoln, NE. His broad diversity of work experiences, from assisting with organic agricultural research at UNL to stocking fresh, local produce at Open Harvest, have given him a fully integrated perspective on how food goes from the field to our plates. He has a B.S. in Biological Systems Engineering from University of Nebraska - Lincoln and a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Nebraska at Omaha.  He is an avid urban gardener and was farm manager at the UNL student farm from 2013 to 2015.  He currently works for Community Crops helping beginning farmers.