We grow food in our neighborhood.

Welcome to RhizoCity Farms! We are a farming duo dedicated to changing the way we interact with urban spaces.  We are transforming underutilized urban spaces into bountiful gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Our goal is to grow fresh and nutritious produce for the Lincoln community inside city limits with as little fossil fuels as possible.  No tractors required on this farm :)  

In addition to growing food, we also want to share our gardening knowledge with the community.  We will be offering educational opportunities for city residents who want to convert their lawn or backyard into a productive garden!  If you have a topic you'd like to see us talk on, send us an email.  Let's learn how we can diversity our urban landscapes for the betterment of our communities together.  Want more information?  Visit our Community Services page.  Let's start the change and grow together!

We are leasing land from Bryan Health on 14th and Lake street.  Our first season was in 2016.  We are here for round 2 of urban farming in 2017.  Feel free to stop by and say hello :)


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